Your Field or Ours:

pearllaboratories offers energy yield and performance evaluations at any of your installations or one of our Colorado test sites.  Our test arrays were designed for precise, state of the art monitoring with redundant instrumentation for assurance.

Your Components or Ours:

The pearllaboratories test facility can easily be configured to meet your specific needs.  We offer a range of inverter topographies, transformer based or transformerless, 1000V or 600V string lengths, grid connected or off-grid, micro-inverters to virtually identical 10kW sub-arrays.  


About pearl laboratories

In collaboration with numerous industry experts, pearllaboratories was founded to address the need for reliable, fast turn-around, third party test services for all components of the solar industry.

Anders OlssonCEO & Founder

Michelle Propst, President & Founder

Alka Swanson, Sales and Marketing

Address: 2649 Mulberry, Unit 15;  Fort Collins, Co 80524

Phone: 1 970 484 1470