pearl laboratories has an extended technical team with more than 50+ years of combined experience.  We have designed a state of the art test facility which allows for a fair, unbiased, industry benchmark that can increase the bankability of solar world wide. 

Why Test with pearl laboratories?

Customer Testimonials:

"I was very satisfied with the product testing that IST did at Pearl Laboratories. Their extensive facilities, technical expertise and responsiveness ensured that our test program was successful.   One of the main benefits of working with the Pearl team was their good suggestions in modifying the test program and and their ability to analyze the data in ways that ensured we got the most out of our test results. I recommend them highly."

Oliver Koehler
CEO, Integrated Solar Technology / IST
43 Willow Ave;, Larchmont NY 10538
"I have worked with the senior staff at Pearl Laboratories and found their knowledge of module and system performance to be extremely strong. Their in-depth understanding of key performance factors for PV systems and components is underpinned by impressive outdoor test facilities."
D W Cunningham (PV specialist & Industry Expert)”